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9U Rules

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 9u League Rules

Coaches Responsibilities at Gametime:
- You must have complete lineup card prior to game time. (2 copies, one for your book, and one for the opposing team.)
- Have the below volunteers at every game, prior to game time.
- Asst Coaches (Base Coaches)
- Dugout Parent
- Scorekeeper

1.    League games shall be six innings maximum. No inning shall begin after 1 hour 30 minutes. If a tie exists after six innings of play, or at the end of regulation time, the game will remain a tie. THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA INNINGS.
2.    The new inning begins when the 3rd out is made from the previous inning, or the run limit has been met.
3.    At the end of regulation time. 1 hr and 30 minutes, should an inning be in progress, the inning will be completed. If the home team is ahead after the visiting team has made 3 outs when regulation time has expired, the game is over; however, if the home team is behind when regulation time has expired, the home team will get to bat to complete the inning.
3a. Your game will start at the official time, unless both teams are ready to play, and both coaches agree to start the game early. (Umpires cannot start the official game clock until the official game time or the above rule criteria are met.)
4.    If for any reason a team cannot field 8 uniformed players no later than 15 minutes after scheduled game start time, that team shall forfeit by a score of 7-0.  Teams that play with only 8 players will suffer 1 out in the 9th batter position every time through the lineup.  The Official Game Start Time will remain. Example: Official game time 6:00. Actual start time 6:15, the clock will start at 6:00. You will lose actual playing time.

4a.  No Metal Spiked Cleats are allowed in ages 5u-12u. any player wearing metal cleats will be ejected from the game as well as the team manager.  9/13/19 UIC
5.    If a Manager or Coach is ejected from a game, he is suspended from any coaching responsibility at minimum for the remainder of that game AND his next game.  Immediately following an ejection, the manager or coach will proceed to the parking lot for the remainder of that game.  The manager will notify the Board Member on duty and/or the Vice President of all violations within 24 hours. HABA board of directors will notify the manager if the suspension needs to be longer.
6.    If a player is ejected from a game, it is mandatory that he sit out the remainder of that game AND his next game.  The manager will notify the Board Member on duty, Player Agent or Vice President of all violations within 24 hours. HABA board of directors will notify the manager if the suspension needs to be longer.
7.    The maximum number of innings a pitcher may pitch per day is 3; maximum number of innings per week is 6. 
8.    No Balks in 9u only.
9.    No Bunting.  
9.    Catchers must be properly equipped and will be limited to catching a maximum of 3 innings per game. No limit for the week. (Catchers must be wearing cups.)
10. A 5-run limit per inning. 
11.  Run Rule- play until mathematically eliminated based on 5 runs per inning for 6 innings.
12.  Substitute players must participate in at least every other inning, unless being disciplined by the manager. If a player is being so disciplined, it shall be noted in the official score book prior to the game. Exceptions to this rule should be reported to the Board of Directors in writing. In case of injury, the last player removed from the game shall take the place of the injured player. All players removed from the game will be allowed to reenter, except that a player removed from the pitching position may not return to that position.  
13.  Batting orders will consist of the entire team roster, so that substitutions during the game are made only for defensive purposes. Should it become necessary, because of an injury, to substitute for a base runner, the player having made the last previous out will be substituted for the injured runner.
14.  Base runners may not lead off base.
15.  Base runners may only steal after the ball crosses home plate.
Runners leaving early will be sent back unless the ball is hit into play whereby the base runner will be declared out.  (Umpire’s discretion)
16.  If a runner slides, he or she must slide directly into the bag.
17.  Runners are never required to slide, but if a runner elects to slide, the slide must be legal. 
• The runner (sliding) cannot interfere with the defensive player trying to make the play at the base he is sliding into or trying to make any play at another base.
• While sliding feet first, the runner must keep his cleats down, and must be actively stretching to make contact with the base.
18.  If a tag play is imminent, the runner should slide or seek to avoid contact. Jumping over a player is not considered avoiding contact. (If the runner attempts to jump over a player, the runner will be automatically called out.)
19.  No player can initiate malicious contact. It is the umpire’s judgment call that determines whether the contact is malicious.
20.  PENALTY: The player initiating malicious contact is removed from the game. Note: There can be a collision where both players go head over heels that is not malicious contact. The key for malicious contact is intent. Umpires must ask themselves when making the call, “Did the runner deliberately or intentionally run into the fielder to break up the play or cause harm to the fielder?” If the answer is yes, then you have malicious contact, if the answer is no, then it is a clean play and you have nothing. Umpires must be careful when making this call to avoid ejecting players if the intent is not there. Keep in mind that the younger ages are just learning the game, and sometimes there is contact by the runner not sliding and running into the catcher. Remember, the key word is intent.
21.  If a defensive player is obstructing the runner (judgment call by the umpire), contact by the runner is not illegal unless it is malicious. If the defensive player was obstructing the runner, and causes the runner to be called out, the runner will be allowed to proceed to next base from where the contact was made.
22. Courtesy runners may be used for pitchers and catcher only. These players must have played the pitcher or catcher position in the previous inning. The player who made the last out will be the courtesy runner. 
23. For inning (side) changes, going out to the field and getting ready to bat, this should take no longer than 3-4 minutes to make these changes. If this is a constant issue, umpire can call a delay of game, and the offending team will be penalized an out at their next at bat. If the issue continues to persist, the issue will be reported to the HABA Board, and further disciplinary actions may be taken, after board review.

We are using a modified closed bases when it pertains to stealing.  Runners are not allowed to lead off or steal bases until the pitched ball crosses the plate.  Once the pitched ball crosses the plate, regardless if the catcher catches the ball or not, the runners may then advance as they wish.  Once the runner’s advancement has been stopped (as determined by the umpire), and the pitcher steps on the rubber to begin their next pitch, the runner will not be able to advance further until the next pitch crosses the plate.  

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