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5U Rules


Humble Atascocita Baseball Association

5u Tee-Ball League Rules

5u games will not have an umpire. 

Each team will bat the entire roster and flip sides.

1.  League games shall be six innings maximum or 1 hour.  No inning shall begin after 1 hour  

2.  Teams must leave the dugout and bleacher area remove all trash as quick as possible after the completion of the game. 

3.  No team meetings will be held in the dugout, field or bleacher area after the game is complete. 

4.  Batting orders shall include the full team roster. 

5.  Tee-Ball bats only are allowed. No Big Barrel   

6.  An inning shall end after the last roster batter has batted.

7.  Defensively, 10 players will be allowed on the field.  However, no more than 5 infielders will be allowed. (5 outfielders ok)

8.  The playing field shall be marked with batter's box, pitching circle, foul lines and halfway marks on the base path.  The distance between the bases will be 50 feet and the distance from home plate to the pitching rubber is 34 feet.  There will be a 5-foot radius circle around the pitching rubber and halfway marks between bases at 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd.

9.  The manager or coach shall place the ball on the tee to his or her own team. After the ball is in play the coach must remove the tee from home plate.  

10.  Two defensive coaches will be allowed in the outfield during the game.  They may position the players for defensive location and may verbally instruct the players where to throw the ball.

11.  Each batter shall receive a maximum of 3 swings.  If the batter fails to hit safely after 3 swings, the batter is out.

12.  Batters are not allowed to bunt or swing easily at the ball.  Penalty: swing counts, batter returns to the plate (if it is the 3rd swing off the tee, batter is out) and no runners may advance, ball is dead. All balls hit off the tee must go past the 15' arc that will be painted in front of home plate.  Failure for balls hit off the tee to go past this line will be considered a foul ball and thus the batter will be out.

13.  Base runners are not permitted to steal or lead off the base and must remain in contact with the base until the ball is hit.  Penalty:  Ball is dead, runner shall return to base, the pitch does not count, and no runner may advance.

14.  In T-Ball only it’s not required to have a catcher behind the plate. You may play with 5 outfielders.

15.  The player fielding the defensive pitching position must maintain one foot on the pitching rubber until the batter hits the ball. Penalty: time will be called, and the batter is awarded first base. If this forces runners to advance, they will do so. Any runner not forced not forced to advance, may not advance. ·    

16.  No fielder can be positioned closer to the batter than an imaginary line drawn across the pitching rubber that extends to each foul line. 

17.  Batting orders will consist of the entire team roster.

18.  Any overthrow of First Base only, will allow base runners to advance only one extra base on the overthrow. The ball is still live and the advancing runner can be tagged out but may not go further that one extra base.  For example. If you have a runner on 1st when the ball is hit, if the ball is fielded and then the throw to 1st base goes past the first baseman, the runner originally on 1st Base, will be allowed to go to 2nd Base on the hit and then advance to 3rd on the overthrow.  The batter will be able to advance to 2nd Base only on the overthrow.

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